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Press & Testimonials

Feature article in The Bukharian Times, New York, July 27, 2017,

by Sergey Kadinsky.

Gulistan in Aksehir, Turkey, 2016.

Photo by Wojciech Fry-Lewis.

". . . American Uzbek Group [Gulistan Dance Theater] was received with great admiration for their premiere show. They captivated audiences with each of their different costumes and authentic dances."


". . . The citizens watched with particular interest the acclaimed Uzbek dance show [Gulistan Dance Theater] from America."


"Thank you for your breathtakingly beautiful

and organized performance!"

Amelie Hunter, International Festival Director,

Riverside Community College

"The performance last night was amazing!"

Marina Araiza, Arts & Cultural Programs,

Rio Hondo College

". . .'Enchanted Dune,' was an encounter between a

wandering merchant . . . and the 'desert dwellers' . . . not so

much three dwellers as one, triple-faced figure . . . clapping

and gesticulating an ominous, coded message just on the other

side of comprehension . . . It was creepy and entrancing

and awe-inspiring all at once."

Leslie Jones,

"The troupe . . . is composed of strong performers capable of expressing both humor . . . and mystery."

Leslie Jones,

"[The] entrance was amazing. The combination of dance, music, song, costumes, masks and color at an incredible venue

made for a special experience."

Bob MacDonald CSA, Feature Film Casting Director, Los Angeles, Concert at John Anson Ford Amphitheatre

"All [costumes in 'Crossings'] were special but several were mind-blowing . . . fabulous golden feathered wings . . .

elegant vaguely Chinese dresses . . . gypsy girl chic."

Eileen Cooley, Lighting Designer

"It is quite an honor to be able to work with artists of

such high caliber."

Sarah J. Vyden, Program Coordinator,

UCLA/Hammer Museum

"['Crossings' was] . . . truly mythic, touching indeed on secrets,

even Mysteries in the religious sense of the term.

Carolyn Krueger's choreographies drew on the traditional

movements of Central Asian and Persian dance . . .

to present a very modern theatrical dance performance."

Leslie Jones,

"Not only was the dancing beautiful, the dancers very talented, and the costumes gorgeous, but the performance was educational as well. . . [Ms. Krueger is] a truly unique and creative entertainer."

Linda Silver, Branch Co-President

American Association of University Women

['Crossings'] is a gem of myth married to theater . . . Don't miss it! If you do miss it, don't ask, because you will kick yourself from here to the moon. I was not prepared for the gestalt of this performance--the splendor of the costumes,

Myth and Fantasy come true before your eyes.

More Please!!!! Thank you Carolyn."

Madelyn Taylor, Dance Educator

". . . the program you put together was wonderful. . . the American Turkish Society of Southern California [was] very impressed with your performance. The musicians were excellent -especially the vocalist and your dances were so fluid and elegant!"

Karen Satzman, Education Coordinator,

Los Angeles County Museum of Art

"I wanted to thank you for inviting me to this event. It was absolutely the most amazing, gorgeous, mystical, spectacular performances, and costumes I have ever seen. It was just divine. . . I just wanted to let you know that the Yoldosh performance in Hollywood was breathtaking. I was mezmerized with the gorgeous costumes and the amazing dances.

I had a spectacular time . . . after seeing your show

I am a fan for life. Thank you again, you guys were absolutely incredible. . . I was honored to have been a part of this beautiful moment with you . . . "

Neda Bolourchi, Audience Member

"I thoroughly enjoyed the choreography, costumes, music, and performance!!! I thought the first act was already spectacular,

and then returned after intermission to be blown away by the second act. Thank you so much for inviting me to your show. It has been such a great afternoon for me. Thank you again, and CONGRATULATIONS!!!"

Cammy Truong, Regional Programs Manager, In-School Programs, Music Center Performing Arts Center of Los Angeles County

"You all were so beautiful and such an excellent addition

to our festival. . . You deserve to be seen by many. . .

People loved the visual colors and swirl--thanks for keeping the beauty of Central Asia alive!"

Sofia Balme, Program Director,

MountainFilm Festival, Telluride, Colorado

Artistic Director Carolyn Krueger

Photo by David Yohe.


"A beautiful 'Princess" tells a story" by Lynne Heffley

. . . [Carolyn Krueger is] an extraordinary artist with a remarkable ability to enter and express the cultural and artistic essence of traditional materials from cultures other than her own. Her dancing is especially compelling . . ."

David Plettner, Managing Director

Loretta Livingston & Dancers

"Carolyn is a very talented dancer. When I choreograph for her, I can see the vision for my work realized in her dancing. . . Carolyn dances with the true feeling of Uzbek dance."

Viloyat Akilova, People's Artist of Uzbekistan

". . . [Carolyn's] rippling movements of the wrists, arms and

shoulders . . . intricately segmented gestural statements,

bold manipulation of long headdress veils and

kneeling backbends displaying great flexibility. . ."

Lewis Segal, Los Angeles Times

". . . [Ms. Krueger is] an accomplished choreographer of traditional materials with an ethnographic background as well as a practiced theatrical eye . . . her choreography . . . [is] sensitively and successfully translated to the theatrical stage."

David Plettner, Managing Director

Loretta Livingston & Dancers

". . . Krueger choreographed three of the new works: the two flowing yet intricately ornamented women's dances from Uzbekistan and the celebratory Persian Gulf finale. Throughout the evening she danced with an energized calm

and unerring mastery. . ."

Lewis Segal, Los Angeles Times

" . . .[Carolyn is] a natural in Uzbek dance . . . [she has] talent . . . everything. [She is] doing real Uzbek dance."

Tolkin Isakov, Uzbek Master Percussionist

and former Dean of the Orchestral Faculty,

Tashkent State Convervatory, Uzbekistan

"The night's character was defined by Carolyn Kruger's [sic]

evocative performance of 'Tanavar,' translated as

that which [en]livens the body'."

Felicia M. Tomasko, Santa Barbara Newspress

"Carolyn Krueger performed two Uzbek dances, both stunning.

Her grace and technique are breathtaking."

Pleasant Gehman, Cymbal Magazine

". . . a master at both traditional and modern theatrical [Uzbek] forms. [Carolyn's] delicate head-slides, lightning-quick hand gestures, spins and rhythmic wrist bells are utterly captivating. Her classical Persian dances . . . are equally breathtaking."

Pleasant Gehman, LA Weekly

". . . [Carolyn Krueger was] lyrical, spirited . . . with strong,

birdlike fluttering of the arms . . . "

Dorothy Stowe, Deseret News, Salt Lake City, Utah

". . . wonderfully danced and verbalized (in Farsi)

by Carolyn Krueger . . ."

Irene Oppenheim, Los Angeles Times

"Grace, elegance, talent [Carolyn has] it all . . .

a master of Persian dance."

Anthony Shay, Artistic Director

AVAZ International Dance Theatre, Los Angeles