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Carolyn Krueger

Artistic Director & Soloist

Photo by Lee Corkett 2013

A pioneering dance artist, Ms. Krueger's accomplishments as a performer, choreographer, artistic director and costume-designer have earned her several nominations for Southern California’s prestigious Lester Horton Award. Her creativity, combined with an exceptional background in classical ballet, Modern Dance and international dance forms, has found expression in her theatrical vision for Gulistan Dance Theater, which she founded in 1999. Carolyn has performed by invitation in Uzbekistan, Turkey, Europe, across the U.S., and throughout California.

A specialist in Central Asian dance, Ms. Krueger belongs to the “first wave” of Western dancers (about half a dozen) to undertake traditional dance training in Uzbekistan during the 1980s and 1990s. Carolyn first visited Uzbekistan and Tajikistan during the Soviet Era and returned to the independent Uzbekistan in 1994 and 1997 under two Collaborative Grants from ArtsLink, a program of CEC International Partners. The grants supported Ms. Krueger’s two residencies in Tashkent with People’s Artist of Uzbekistan, Viloyat Akilova. In Tashkent, Ms. Krueger performed as a soloist with Mme. Akilova's ensemble, and was featured in her own television special on Tashkent Television. In 2001 and 2003, Gulistan welcomed Viloyat to Los Angeles for choreographic residencies with the company.

Prior to forming Gulistan Dance Theater, Carolyn earned B.A. and M.A. degrees in Dance Performance and Choreography from UC Irvine and UCLA, respectively. While at UCLA, Carolyn deepened her decades-old dedication to world dance by joining Avaz International Dance Theater. Ultimately serving as soloist and Associate Artistic Director, Ms. Krueger choreographed a dozen new works and directed existing repertoire for the Los Angeles-based touring company.

In her role as educator, Ms. Krueger served as a full-time dance instructor for the Los Angeles Unified School District's Elementary Arts Program, Visiting Lecturer in Dance at UC Santa Barbara, Artist-in-Residence at the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts, and Choreographer-in-Residence at Orange Coast College. She also created and performed in several in-school dance programs which toured with LAUSD's Intergroup Cultural Awareness Program (ICAP), Performing Tree and the Orange County Performing Arts Center's From the Center roster.

Summary of Training

Ballet - Gloria Bowen, El Gabriel, Roy Fitzel, Margaret Hills, Richard Kimble, Dora Krannig, Eugene Loring, Carol McGahan, Eva Ralf, Albert Ruiz, Valerie Silver, Mia Slavenska, Antony Tudor, Glen White

Central Asian/Caucasian - Viloyat Akilova, Ixchel Dimetral-Maerker, Anna Djanbazian, Directors of the Georgian State Dance Company, Denise Hagopian, Elizabeta Kim, Mohammadrasul Mamadaminzoda, Gavhar Matyukubova, Aidyn Outecheva

Flamenco - Clarita Corona, Talia Ortega

Greek/Balkan - Dick Crum, Bora Gajicki, Dennis Gura, Jaap Leegwater, Ann Litvin, Daniel Matousek, Dick Oakes, Nikos Savvidis, Anthony Shay, Donna Trip, Nikos Varvisiotis

Middle Eastern - Adam Basma, Ixchel Dimetral-Maerker, Farida Fahmy, Reza Farnoush, Samrah Masoud, Mahmoud Reda, Zahra Zuhair

Modern Dance - Ronald Brown, Lynn Dally, Mary Jane Eisenberg, Pat Finot,

Kai Ganado, Eddie Glickman, Dinah Goodes, Sean Greene, Nicholas Gunn,

Martha Kalman, Phoebe Neville, Janice Plastino, Kathryn Posin, Louise Reichlin, Marcia Sakamoto, Marion Scott, Holly Small, Kei Takei, Clay Taliaferro

Modern Jazz - Victoria Barrett, Billis Goodson, Kathy Rump, Paul Shipton

Pilates/Gyrotonics- Marie-Jose Blom, Julie Bond-Rhys, Mary Holzwarth, Karyn Klein

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