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Tradition & Imagination

on the Silk Road & Beyond

GULISTAN *goo-li-stahn* means "flower garden" or "place of colors" in both Uzbek and Persian, making it a fitting name for this unique ensemble's captivating repertoire of dances from the Silk Road. Gulistan is also the name of one of the most important works of Persian prose by Sa'di--one of the greatest of the medieval Persian poets. The wisdom contained within The Gulistan is known throughout the Middle East and Asia.

Gulistan Dance Theater is a boutique dance ensemble founded in 1999 by California-based dancer and choreographer Carolyn Krueger. Carolyn and Gulistan have appeared on stages in Turkey, Uzbekistan, Europe, across the U.S. and throughout California, presenting both TRADITIONAL and IMAGINATIVE dances rooted in the cultures of the Central Asian Silk Road and the Middle East.

GULISTAN's concerts feature the diverse talents of its eight-member dance ensemble. The dances, presented in dazzling authentic and original costumes, are accompanied by folk, classical and contemporary music and are enhanced with enchanting masks, props and storytelling. Larger projects include a variety of guest artists.

GULISTAN is available for concerts, touring, cultural programs, in-school and educational programs, special events, festivals, children's programs, parties, private and master classes, workshops, choreography, consulting and lecture-demonstrations.

Photos this page by Marga Buitendijk, Lee Corkett, Wojciech Fry-Lewis,

Carolyn Krueger, Hanneke Luit, Watcharia Phomicinda, A & F Sugianto, and David Yohe.

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